Hype Animation Fluid Height

Hype is a great HTML 5 authoring tool, but a major set-back with exported animations is that the container does not retrieve a fluid set height. Typically the container reverts to height:0. A simple way to fix this is with CSS:-

#hype_container {
/* Adjust to your needs */
min-height: 500px;

However if you are using a responsive layout (which is one of Hype’s best features) this won’t work unless you use media queries which could be tedious. So I have written the following jQuery to do this automatically:-

jQuery(window).on("load resize scroll",function(e){
function updateHypeSize() {
  if(jQuery('.your-child-class').is(':visible')) {
    var sumheight=0;
    jQuery(".your-child-class").each(function () {
        var child = jQuery(this);
    jQuery("#hype_container").height(sumheight + 35);

You will need to give your main children a class within your Hype scene. The jQuery will then cycle through the Hype Container and make it the height of the children. This will work in portrait or landscape / responsive layouts.

This method will also work in any case where you want the parent to be set to the height of the children.

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