Font Awesome 5 SVG JS Before Pseudo Element

If you are having difficulty adding Font Awesome 5 SVG with JS with CSS :before pseudo element then you are not alone. Here’s how to do it:-

1 Load Font Awesome 5 SVG with JS in the normal way

<script defer src=""></script>

Note this is Font Awesome 5 Free version (while we wait for the Pro version on CDN)

2 Activate the Pseudo Element which is turned off by Default

  window.FontAwesomeConfig = {
    searchPseudoElements: true

3 Add the CSS to your Stylesheet with a couple of Amends

/* Other types: Font Awesome 5 + Solid or Regular or Light or Brands */
.your-class:before {
display: none;
content: "\f063";
font-family: "Font Awesome 5 Solid";

That’s it you can now use the :before Pseudo elements with Font Awesome SVG with JS as you have before with Fontawesome 4.

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