Prototype vs jQuery

Prototype vs jQuery Prototype vs jQuery prototype vs jquery

When deciding on a direction for delivery good web design one thing the developer often has to consider is which framework will deliver the results and also stand the test of time. For Slick Media this was much like whether to go Open Source with the PHP/MySQL model or ASP/MSSQL model. We chose wisely and went with PHP/MySQL and we are glad we did as many of the best applications and Content Management Systems on the web are built on this server model.

So, with the advent of greater adoption of javascript frameworks which one is best prototype or jQuery?

Well we weren’t sure for a while, but we plumped for jQuery. Yes Prototype features heavily on the Apple web site, but as soon as our friends at Apple create a lovely new javascript widget then someone in the jQuery community emulates it on the jQuery framework in an often more succinct manner.

Obviously this is open to debate, but if you needed more proof then why not see for yourself what most sites on the web are using. How? Use the fantastic Firefox Browser from Mozilla and download the great Add-On ‘Wappalyzer ‘  – an add-on for Firefox that uncovers the technologies used on websites.

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