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Gravity Forms CSS Flex Layouts

Simply add the following CSS to make your Gravity Forms Flex using CSS Flex Layouts (CSS Flexbox) This will give your Gravity forms a fluid and responsive layout that covers the Gravity Forms prebuilt CSS Classes half and third classes for fluid double and triple columns. See it working on our own site’s Contact Page If you don’t know Gravity …

EMR Media EMR Media EMR Media are an International PR and Marketing Agency that work with a range of high profile clients, including Hollywood’s rich and famous. We are thrilled that we have worked with the CEO and Founder, Liz Rodriguez, for the full 10 years that the business has been in operation. This is the third web site that we have designed and …

CSS Fade on Hover

A quick pure CSS snippet to fade an element on hover:- Just add your Div, which in this case is ‘Item’.

jQuery Replace Specific Text

Sometimes you may want to replace the text in a specific div or element with something else. For example you are using an off the shelf script and don’t want to edit the core files, but it doesn’t meet your specific needs or brand. The following is a very simple jQuery snippet that replaces specific text with something else:-  

Prototype vs jQuery

When deciding on a direction for delivery good web design one thing the developer often has to consider is which framework will deliver the results and also stand the test of time. For Slick Media this was much like whether to go Open Source with the PHP/MySQL model or ASP/MSSQL model. We chose wisely and went with PHP/MySQL and we …

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Things We Do Slick Media offer services across a broad range of Internet and New Media. We’re a small team headed by Glenn Eastland and pride ourselves in being very adaptable. Whilst we wouldn’t want to limit ourselves, the following are our core services:- Logo Design Web Design Web Development E-Commerce Systems Print Design & Branding Online Galleries for Photographers …

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We predominantly cover Web Design & Development for London. Milton Keynes and the South East, but also have clients throughout the UK and abroad. All sorts of projects for all sorts of budgets. Policies