Any Content Shortcode

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A snippet to add any content (including HTML, PHP) as a WordPress shortcode for output onto your WordPress site. Simply open up your theme (child theme) functions.php file and add the following function:- Then in your WordPress site’s content editor add the shortcode [anycontent] and your custom content will be outputted using ‘output buffering’. Example Use: Output X Theme Tags …

Remove Empty Paragraph With CSS

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Empty paragraphs between <p></p> tags can be a real nuisance in your code (especially WordPress) as they add empty white space. There are a number of jQuery methods to remove empty para tags such as:- But there’s a much simpler way to achieve this with CSS Only Simply add the following CSS to your styles:- Bang the empty paragraphs are gone!

WordPress best size for screenshot png

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880px x 660px The screenshot should be named screenshot.png, and should be placed in the top level directory. The screenshot should accurately show the theme design and saved in PNG format. The recommended image size is 880px x 660px. The screenshot will only be shown as 387px x 290px, but the over double-sized image allows for high-resolution viewing on HiDPI displays.