Pagelines DMS MediaBox add Link

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Pagelines DMS is a great WordPress Framework, but it still perplexes us why the MediaBox doesn’t include a link option out of the box. As you may know you could simply add HTMl for the image link in the ‘Text and Embed HTML’ field and keep the MediaBox Image field blank. Instead here is our way of adding a link …

Pagelines DMS Full Width Section

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Pagelines DMS is a great Framework for building awesome WordPress sites on, but it isn’t perfect (just yet anyway). It is however extensible and if for example you want a module/area of your site to do something you can simply create a custom section (see Pagelines Docs on creating a Section). We’ve already created a few for our own specific …

Less Hover Mixin

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Not redly publicised but ever so simple:- [css] /* Button*/ .button { // Normal CSS Classes background: @white; &:hover { // adding my own hover state for button background: @black; } } [/css] Rather than ‘class:hover’ we use &:hover and then add our css / less below.