jQuery Change Input Placeholder Text

If you are stuck with a form input field placeholder text that cannot be updated (eg a search field), then you can add this simple jQuery snippet to tailor it to your needs:- Coincidentally if you want to style your input placeholder then you can use the ::placeholder pseudo element /

Check if jQuery is Loaded Script

jQuery is a fast, small, and feature-rich JavaScript library and we use it extensively across all our sites. A key factor when developing is that the library is correctly loaded, but also that it’s only loaded once. To check if jQuery is already loaded into your platform (i.e. WordPress has it by default) then you can use this Javascript snippet:- …

jQuery Responsive Equal Height Method

There are so many methods too get a fluid equal height in jQuery, but in testing many (seriously loads) I’ve found that there’s usually a glitch and that’s often that the container doesn’t adjust on window resize. This is the best all round solution that I’ve come across to resolve this issue. In my example I’m applying it to the …

jQuery Open Link with Class in New Window jQuery Open Link with Class in New Window open in new window sm 862x378

jQuery Open Link with Class in New Window

Sometimes out of the box code doesn’t open links in new windows / in window “_blank” and in these instances this small jQuery snippet will come to the rescue:- So simply add the class “external-url” to your link and it will open in a new window. Working: Slick Media WordPress Developers I find this useful for WordPress elements that you …

Change Placeholder Text jQuery and CSS styling

A quick snippet to change the placeholder text of an input field:- You can also achieve placeholder custom style with CSS on supported browsers Pagelines Users If you are using Pagelines DMS then you can also use the following hook in your themes functions.php file to customise the search and change the placeholder text:-