Change Placeholder Text jQuery and CSS styling

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A quick snippet to change the placeholder text of an input field:- You can also achieve placeholder custom style with CSS on supported browsers Pagelines Users If you are using Pagelines DMS then you can also use the following hook in your themes functions.php file to customise the search and change the placeholder text:-      

EMR Media

Glenn Web Development Leave a Comment EMR Media EMR Media are an International PR and Marketing Agency that work with a range of high profile clients, including Hollywood’s rich and famous. We are thrilled that we have worked with the CEO and Founder, Liz Rodriguez, for the full 10 years that the business has been in operation. This is the third web site that we have designed and …

PHP Echo If Examples

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There are a number of ways to echo PHP ‘If’ a statement is true. The most common syntax is:- So something like:- The example will output if the current time (HOUR) is less than 12. Echo HTML or PHP in PHP If Statement We also like to use an alternate echo that allows you to inject PHP or HTML within the …

Add TinyMCE to Pagelines Content Box Section

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Pagelines is an awesome WordPress Framework that enables Drag & Drop functionality within WordPress as a CMS – we like it a lot. A great feature of Pagelines is ‘sections’ that allow you to drop in different forms of content from navigation to galleries. A section that we use a lot is the Pagelines ‘Content Box’ which is available in the Pagelines …

Backup Buddy WordPress Web Designer Toolkit Xmas Discount

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Backup Buddy is undoubtedly the best WordPress plugin out there for backing up your WordPress site. We use this plugin extensively on our sites to ensure that there is always a complete and fully functioning backup of client and personal sites. Backup buddy also works on WordPress Multisite installs and is also particuylalry useful for WordPress developers, such as ourselves, …