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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Having a great web site (hopefully designed and developed by Slick Media) is just one step to web success – the next step is to get your site readily found in cyberspace – failure to do so can be a costly mistake and investment in SEO is money well spent. If we developed your site then it will already be hard-wired with SEO capability and you will already be on your way, but either way this process takes time and effort and its also important that you stay on the ball and ahead of your competition.

Slick Media have a proven track record in professional SEO and offer two services aimed at improving your site’s ‘organic listing in the search engines – including the major search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo: –

Standard Search Engine Submission Service

This service submits your site to the major search engines and a selection of quality SEs that will give you the most exposure. You get 12 x monthly submissions over a 1 year period and we update our systems over this time to ensure that we are always submitting in line with the current Search Engine antilogarithms and add new Search Engines to improve your coverage.

Price: Only £170.00pa

Extended Search Engine Service

This offers all the benefits of the above submission service, but then is extended with in depth analysis of your site, your competition and how to use the extensive reporting information gathered to maximise your sites potential in the Search Engines.

Main Features

1. Keyword Research
2. Search Engine Optimisation
3. Search Engine Submission (as above)
4. Link Popularity Analysis
5. Ranking Check
6. Web Site Quality Management (analysis on your current pages)
7. Reports on Web Site Performance (via downloaded windows ‘Report Viewer’ below)
8. Direction on changes to site pages for Meta/Keyword optimisation (with optional courtesy changes for clients whose sites we have created)

Price: Only £450.00pa  (offer price, usually £490.00pa)

This service is overall a very cost-effective way to improve your ‘organic’ online ranking and priced very competitively compared to other SEO companies.

Our SEO Service Commitment

What we offer is a real and proven opportunity to improve your organic listing (which is the natural movement of your site up listings) and also, like many of our clients’ experience, improved online exposure that can lead to 1st page and/or improved position on Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and many more. We can not however give an absolute ‘guarantee’ of top placement, but rather our commitment to give you incremental and beneficial improvements in listing. This takes time, typically 3-6 months for more noticeable growth and will require some additional effort on your behalf in changing ‘meta tags’, which takes a few minutes, but we’ll do the heavy and time-intensise reporting and analysis work for you to get your site on the path to success.

The image above shows ‘actual’ measured client results – whilst we certainly can’t guarantee the absolutely amazing 10,950% increase in the visits to a particular client’s web site we do regularly deliver results ranges of those that you see.


You may download the Slick SEO Report Viewer by clicking here