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Sage Pay Offers 2018

EXCLUSIVE Sage Pay 2018 Voucher Code/Coupon Code with 3 Months Free PLUS Attractive Low Merchant Services Rates

Our Exclusive Sage Pay Offer continues into 2018. Take advantage of 3 months Free & attractive Merchant rates with Sage Pay’s partner merchant bank Evalon*’.

As usual, you don’t have to be a Slick Media client to take advantage of this 100% valid Sage Pay voucher code 2018. This Voucher Code goes one step further than our continually running EXCLUSIVE Offer 3 Months Free with Sage Pay, so get in there whilst it’s hot to take payments online with our top recommended UK Payment Provider for less.

Here is a breakdown of the Sage Pay 2018 Coupon Code Promotion: –

Get 3 months off AND attractive low merchant services rate from SagePay

1.49% Credit Cards
0.50% Visa Debit Cards
0.50p MasterCard Debit

(The rate without this offer would be a 1.99% on Credit Cards and 0.7% on debit cards so this is a considerable saving on standard Sage Pay Europe merchant rates. So it’s more money in your till with this preferential Evalon merchant rate!)

If you already have an Online Merchant Bank & Don't want Sage Pay's partner merchant bank Evalon Evalon
If you already have an online merchant bank and just want Sage Pay for Online Payment Processing then you can use our original Sage Pay Code which is still currently valid for 2018

To Get the Sage Pay Offer for 2018

Simply Click the link for Sage Pay 2018 Voucher Code to take payments online for less with the highest rated UK Payment Service Provider/Payment Gateway on Trustpilot

The Sage Pay Promo Code: ‘MRCHNT3MT‘ will be applied automatically when you click the link- you simply need to apply by filling out the simple form. Please note that this EXCLUSIVE Sage Pay Code cannot be used on any other Sage Pay Sign up other than ‘Slick Media’ application and will not be applied otherwise.


Don’t want to use Evalon as the Merchant Bank?

You don’t have to use Evalon as your merchant bank if you already have a preferred Merchant bank in mind and can still get 3 months Free with Sage Pay.