Slick Media Policies

So that everything is transparent


To ensure unhindered continuation of service It is our policy to auto-renew all services. E-services, such as hosting, may be cancelled up to seven days after the renewal date, but as we make a pending payment on client domain names these cannot be cancelled after the domain renewal. Therefore if you have domain name(s) that you no longer require it is important that you notify to cancel with us in more than 30 days before the actual renewal date (renewals go through with domain registration bodies 30 days in advance).

Privacy Policy

We will not pass your details to any third parties unless we need to do so in direct provision of your service or product. This for example may be a situation where we need to provide a developer/supplier your details in relation to the production of your web site or application. We do not pass your details on to third parties that may be interested in offering you a totally unrelated product or service.


Slick Media operate a “fair use” policy regarding copyright and intellectual property of content. In line with this our de facto mode of  work is under a ‘Joint Work’ Policy arrangement. Our services, unless expressly stated are not ‘Work Made for Hire‘.

Joint Work Policy Agreements

If classified as a ‘Joint work project’ the “look” of the site – and the copyright in the content. colors, gifs, jpegs, setup, hyperlinks, and other elements that contribute to that design are initially owned by Slick Media. But in instances where the client plays a hand in making the underlying creative decisions the copyright is owned jointly by Slick Media and the client. However if the respective contributions to the end product – the Web site or Application – are distinguishable, there will be separate copyright owners of those separate elements. Not only that, but your contribution must be more than minimal in order that you qualify as a joint ‘author’.

Joint work projects do not permit transfer or sale of scripts, custom ‘sections’/plugins , databases or other Intellectual Property to third party applications, web sites, individuals or any other sources and you must receive written consent from Slick Media if you wish to do so. Similarly it is also important that the web site designs and content (where Slick Media created such content) are not passed off as the creative work of any third party other than Slick Media.

Note: For a joint work copyright policy to be valid you must sign a copyright agreement for it to be both ‘valid’ and ‘written’ prior to the commencement of work. You cannot acquire rights to the site by an after-the-fact attempt at a joint work agreement. Verbal agreements are also not enforceable.

Text Copyright

If the text has been created by the client, then the client has the copyright to it. But it’s not simply a question of the text that appears on the Net, it’s also the way that that text is set up, in the form of HTML or other coding. If Slick Media created that coding, then the coding, as distinguished from the text itself, is owned by Slick Media unless we relinquish copyright (see below). Included in this concept of copyright in the coding is the manner in which Slick Media has created any text structure within the site. So you may own the text but Slick Media may own the way the text is set up on the site.

Content from the Public Domain

To the extent that content such as gifs, jpegs and other elements were downloaded from the Net, assuming even that they themselves are free of copyright restrictions (which is not always the case), neither Slick Media nor the client can claim a copyright in that which already exists within the public domain. On the other hand, to the extent that these graphics were created by Slick Media again Slick Media initially owns the copyright therein. But if they are the clients creation, their logo, or their photo, then the client owns the rights thereto (unless of course the photos/images etc were taken by someone else, in which event the creator initially owns the copyrights therein and you must obtain permission to use them on your site/in your application).

Off Screen Rights

Slick Media and Slick Media partners are entitled to retain “off-screen” rights, which include all print reproduction above the dpi utilised for the web. You should therefore expect to pay extra for a certain image used for the web that, say, would go into a printed brochure. The same goes for online logos, photographs, and other representations created by Slick Media.

Where copyright is owned in full by the client

In instances where the client specifically arranges for ‘Work Made for Hire’ and this is agreed by Slick Media in the form of a written ‘Work Made for Hire’ agreement prior to the commencement of any work then the client will gain full rights to the use of the web site, its scripts, the application or other creation.This providing that we have the rights to transfer and not withstanding our own unrestricted rights of reproduction*.

If Slick Media are commissioned for Logo Design or specific/intricate Graphic Design services then the  rights will be automatically transferred to the client on the delivery of the artwork in the agreed formats.

Where copyright is not owned by the client

A software application(s) or complicated script(s) is expressly never owned by the client unless under written agreement by Slick Media. Furthermore software applications or any part of complicated scripts (such as E-Commerce Systems, WordPress ‘Sections’ / Plugins, Photo Scripts, Web Applications, Server Applications etc) may not be copied, emulated or distributed unless under written agreement by Slick Media. White-labeling of a script for example is expressly prohibited unless stated otherwise in a written agreement (see below).

Should the client wish to own a software application or complicated script then this can be arranged in the form of a  license fee or under an arranged ‘Work Made for Hire’ agreement. The client should expect to pay significantly more for such an arrangement.

*In all instances Slick Media retain the right to reproduce any portion of a web site or application in line with the production of any other web site or application. This to ensure that we do not stifle our own creativity and client offerings for future work.

Any agreement is void if Slick Media does not receive full payment for the work outlined. This includes any preliminary work, such as concepts, images and copy.

Web Design / Development Credits

We will always place a credit to ‘Slick Media’ with a link back to our site on all client sites where we are the  lead design/development company. Our work, under our discretion, is also placed in our Portfolio with a link back to the clients site.

Hosting provision

We provide our business hosting for clients in the faith that they will display only UK legal content. It is also the client’s responsibility to ensure that the web site is maintained to prohibit any malicious attack, script injection or similar breach of site security. Site’s that place in danger the integrity of the server will be removed if the client does not take immediate action to secure a compromised script/site. If we need to take action on behalf of the client that falls outside the sphere of standard  hosting ‘support’ then the client should expect to pay for such services. Sites that break these rules will be taken down without notice and without any refund. Clients that host with us do so on the understanding of these terms.


It is the client’s right to cancel our hosting service up to 7 days from purchase and receive a full refund. Web site projects that are involved in the delivery of a service such as new client web site, web or mobile application form the basis of a binding agreement (usually based on a web site proposal) between the client and Slick Media. Under UK law the  Consumer Credit Act gives you a 14-day cooling off period to cancel an agreement. However the vast majority of our web site projects start ‘straight away’ and in this instance the client automatically waves these cooling off rights if they wish for Slick Media to undertake the work. For projects of this nature we will require the full and agreed payment schedule for the project even if the client cancels the project before completion. Cancellation and/or non-completion of projects is exceptional and we will always work with the client to resolve any issues to achieve the successful completion of a project.

Naming Conventions

You should also read the name ‘Slick Media’ in line with Slick Media employees.