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What is Google G Suite?

Get more work done, faster

Google G Suite (formerly Google Apps) is an awesome set of intelligent Cloud App;lications (Apps) by Google Cloud to connect people and give you the freedom to work anywhere in the world. If you haven’t heard of Google G Suite before then you will certainly have heard of some of the constituent Apps in the Office Suite:-

Google G Suite gmail icon  

Look professional with Gmail

Get custom email ( and more than 30 GB of inbox storage. Compatible with Microsoft Outlook and other email clients.

Google G Suite google calendar icon 

Smart scheduling with Google Calendar

Schedule meetings at times that work for everyone. Get reminders directly in your Gmail inbox.

Google G Suite google drive icon  

Store and share in the cloud with Google Drive

Save work files in Google Drive, access them from any device. Collaborate in real time.

Together the “all-in-one suite for communicating, storing and creating” will send your productivity through the roof.

G Suite tips and tricks

Hold meetings without being in the same room

Wave hello, see them smile and gauge their reactions through easy team video meetings with up to 15 people. Hangouts is included with a G Suite subscription.

google-hangouts-meetings  Google G Suite google hangouts meetings

Step 1:In Gmail, click the Hangouts Google G Suite hyperdrive hangouts icon icon in the bottom left-hand corner to make your contacts list appear.
Step 2:Click the Find people to chat with Google G Suite hyperdrive chat icon icon, then tick the boxes next to the names of one or more guests.
Step 3:Click Video call to start your video meeting.

The full G Suite


Everything you need to do your best work, together in one package that works seamlessly from your computer, phone or tablet.

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