WordPress Facebook Post Shows Just another WordPress site Tagline Fix

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A curious behaviour that we recently found when a newly created client site was being promoted on Facebook was that the share still showed “Just another WordPress site” default WordPress tagline. We had already updated the Settings > General > Tagline from in WordPress (you can also achieve this via your SEO Plugin) so we started to look further at why this was occurring.

The behaviour is actually caused by the little known Facebook Cache and occurs when you regularly visit a site (say in development). So here is the answer on how to refresh Facebook links:-

How to Clear Facebook Cache and Show Updated WordPress Site Tagline Link

  1. Visit https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/
  2. Enter your site URL i.e. https://slickmedia.co.uk and click ‘Fetch new Scrape Information’
  3. Refresh Facebook profile
  4. Re-share your link

That’s it your updated WordPress site Tagline will now show correctly in Facebook.

Of course this should also work for any Web Page that is showing incorrect meta data in Facebook.

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  • This same fix will also assist you with forcefully updating the Facebook Open Graph og:image once you have set it/updated it via an SEO Plugin like Yoast SEO in the plugin’s Social Settings.