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We recently had an issue whereby the TinyMCE HTML editor was appearing blank. Here are a couple of things that may solve a similar problem for others:-

1. Reinstall WordPress via WordPress Dashboard ‘Updates’ – click on ‘Re-install Now’ button
2. Search for a rogue .htaccess file in wp-includes folder and delete it
3.  Add the following to your wp-config.php file:-

/** Fix for no TinyMCE */
define('CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS', false );

In our case option 3 solved the problem.

Let us know how you solved the same issue if any other than the above!

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  • Thank you for this article. I was getting the same symptoms and was stumped by it – it turned out to be option 2 – I think the Sucuri plugin is responsible for the rogue .htaccess file. Deleting it fixed the problem. Presumably there should be something in the .htaccess file, but they’ve got it wrong.

    • Hi Andy
      Glad that resolved it. In relation to Securi do consider other possibilities such as the IP blocking of the Sucuri Server by something like Wordfence. You could try whitelisting Sucuri server via your host and/or WordPress Security plugin via IP ‘’ (which I believe is the Securi Ip as of today). Whatever you do don’t leave your WordPress site without Security and Vulnerable to attack. I recommend iThemes Security Pro and Wordfence (both together with Wordfence for best Scan) for best WordPress Security.