Isotope Filter by URL Hash

jQuery Isotope remains the best script to filter and sort elements in various layouts like grids, masonry and responsive layouts. A missing feature is the ability to sort these layouts via a URL hash and you can fill in this blank with the following snippet.

// Isotope filter by URL Hash
jQuery(document).ready( function($) {
// Store # parameter and add "." before hash
var hashID = "." + window.location.hash.substring(1);
// Set Isotope Container
var $container = $('.container');
itemSelector: ".item",
filter: hashID, // the variable filter

In our example, the Isotope container is ‘.container’ and the isotope items being filtered are denoted by ‘.item’. A live example of a URL hash being passed to Isotope would be: –

In the client example above Classes are filtered by region when a parameter is passed to Isotope via the URL hash. Here we found it useful to set a delay on the Isotope filter as live Google maps needed to be fully loaded and to do this simply wrap the Isotope URL Filter in a jQuery delay script.

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