Woprdpress MailChimp Plugin and Shortcode

MailChimp is a simple and effective and relatively cheap web-based system for E-mail Marketing and the one that we will invariably recommend to our clients. With Mailchimp you can create ‘lists’ for Newsletters etc that collect standard and custom form details from a simple signup form that can be placed on your web siter. Typically this is done via the MailChimp form builder, but for those of us on WordPress this is even easier with the MailChimp List Subscribe Form plugin. Via the plugin you create a MailChimp Api which then connects to your lists for selection and inclusion to your site as a widget.

Including MailChimp Plugin on a specific page, post or template

We noted above that the MailChimp plugin is added to your WordPress site as a sidebar Widget, but it can also be added to a page, post or template using a simple shortcode and/or line of php code in your template:-

With WordPress short code (pages, posts etc)


With php (WordPress Template files0

<?php do_shortcode('[mailchimpsf_widget]'); ?>
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