The authenticated save for this file failed TextWrangler

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When setting up WordPress on a local Mac OSX server using this great guide (which also applies to Mavericks):-

… we encountered the following issue when trying to edit the server php.ini file:-

The authenticated save for this file failed (application error code: 20004)

The reason for this is actually due to ownership and permission sod the file which OSX Server locks down. To get WordPress running on a local server you do need to edit and control this file and the solution is actually very easy. You simply need to update the editor (in our case TextWrangler) to the full version that permits ‘authenticated saves’. Here is the reason from Bare Bones Software:-

“Authenticated saves are not possible in versions of TextWrangler obtained from the Mac App Store. If you desire this capability, please download TextWrangler directly from us.”

So simply click on the link above to download the full version and hey presto you can write to files that require authentication / that you don’t own.

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  • Rachelle

    You just saved me from having a minor meltdown. Thank you.

  • softwarescout

    Confirmed this is also true in my case. I got same error when trying to save into my HTDOCS folder in a MAMP instance. I removed, then downloaded and installed the newer version of TextWrangler and it indeed did allow me to save changes in htdocs going forward.