Scrolling Content with jQuery

Sometimes even the best client site can have a lot of content on the page. Previously we would have linked to content way down a page using an anchor text. That’s a bit boring and lacks the slickness of modern sites using jQuery. This is where jQuery Local Scroll comes in.

jQuery LocalScroll & jQuery ScrollTo

We aren’t going to go into loads of detail on the scroll as it’s covered fully here:-

Basically with this excellent jQuery script you can scroll any element on a page or within a div. We like the ability to scroll the body as it performs our anchor text replacement beautifully. However if you are new to jQuery you’ll probably find the instructions on the project page rather complicated and so we’ve got together a demo which you can use as the basis of your projects. It gives examples of how you can scroll body content with a jQuery anchor div and also how to scroll across content within a specific div.

Click for Demo

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