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Recently we were using the great EU Cookie Compliance plugin Cookie Control on a client site (also seen on this site bottom left of page), but found that within the custom WordPress Theme that the Cookie Compliance scripts and CSS were loading with a flash of the unformatted and unhidden content. That looked rather ugly so we decided to implement a simple bit of jQuery to hide the Cookie Control Div and content until everythign else (including the script css) was loaded, Here is the jQuery snippet:-

<script type="text/javascript">

Link this with some very basic CSS:-

/* Cookie Control | Hide until page has loaded */
#cccwr {
display: none;

A second function is commented and that could be uncommented if you had a loading div (such as a spinning wheel etc).
This could also be done with just jQuery like so:-

<script type="text/javascript">


Note: Within our code we substitute $ for jQuery as WordPress often needs to be told we are using jQuery other than just Javascript. This remove issues where WordPress doesn’t run the script.

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