Gravity Forms vs Ninja Forms

There are some truly great forms plugins for WordPress out there these days and right now we rate Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms and Formidable Pro as the leaders.

Right now we want to look at Gravity Forms, which is a premium plugin that is rich in features and Ninja Forms which is billed a s ‘Free’, but with “Add-Ons” to extend the core functionality with elements like Paypal payments, MailChimp and Conditional Logic. Actually in relation to the latter this means that we wouldn’t really consider Ninja forms to be ‘Free’ as Gravity forms offers many of these Add-Ons like Conditional Logic/Statements out of the box. Moreover Gravity Forms bundles their currently more extensive Add-On selection within a developer subscription (current $199) and if you took a like for like then thats actually really good comparative value. Ninja Forms Paypal Express Add-On for example is a whopping $129 for unlimited sites (which as a developer you would want) and along with MailChimp plugin @ $46 and Conditional Logic @ $74 you can see that the price (now $249) really ratchets up. So don’t get fooled on the ‘free’ pricing option here if you are a developer or have a more serious form requirement.

Gravity Forms or Ninja Forms? Which WordPress Forms Plugin is Best?

Gravity Forms is a seriously feature rich plugin that is the most established in the market and Ninja Forms is young and progressive, built with developers in mind and is updated on a regular basis with new features.  Both plugins offer the usual contact form type functionality with drag and drop ease, cover Ajax form submissions and Conditional Logic / statements. So it doesn’t seem that overall there is much in it at that level. ? Our minor gripe with Gravity Forms right now is that unless you use the Free Gravity Forms + Custom Post Types  (developed by a third party) plugin Gravity forms oddly doesn’t cover Custom Post Types. This means that if you want your users to add custom posts from the front end then Ninja forms could fill that gap for you. Gravity forms also doesn’t currently support Star Ratings and whilst they say this will be incorporated into a future release you already have it right now in Ninja forms. These really are two critical areas for many developers right now and Gravity forms really needs to cover these quickly if they don’t want to lose out to Ninja Forms.

Generally if you are looking to focus on traditional form functionality then we would still consider Gravity Forms to be the forerunner here (and this remains our WordPress Forms plugin of choice), but if you are looking to harness the CMS capabilities of WordPress with Front End Editor capabilities, Custom Posts Types support, Star Ratings for review engines etc then we would say Ninja Forms is showing itself as a neat alternative.

Roundup / What’s Your Favourite WordPress Forms Plugin?

So right now we still opt for Gravity Forms for the majority of our WordPress Form development due to it’s ease and breadth of features, but do rate Ninja forms for front-end and custom post functionality. We would really love you to let us know which is your favourite plugin and why? Please add your comments below to let us all know!

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