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Client Hosting Upgrade

Today we are pleased to announce that over the weekend we completed a major upgrade of our client business hosting. Slick Media clients can now enjoy even faster, even more reliable and secure hosting on a leading hosting platform with features such as:-

  1. Now located within a private cloud, hosted across many controlling nodes.
  2. Now utilising VMWare, the industry leader.
  3. In the event of a problem with a node, the server is automatically migrated, without impact on service.
  4.  Data is stored on no less than 24 ‘hard drives’ using RAID 10, for better performance and also data resilience.
  5. Eliminates any single point of a failure, that a conventional server gives.
  6. Future upgrades can now be acheived without major impact to service

Slick Media client SlickGOLD business hosting is still only £60pa.

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