Banishing those Internet Explorer Demons

Banishing those Internet Explorer Demons Banishing those Internet Explorer Demons internet explorer warning

Our friends at W3 Counter ( tell us that Internet Explorer still commands a 44.4% web browser market share and I can’t help asking myself time and time again how that could possibly be. However you try to look at it Internet Explorer continues to be a terrible browser, that is the bane of the developer and user alike. Indeed as I spend so much of my time creating great web sites in Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome et al only to find that Internet Explorer has put the kibosh on the work that I’ll probably devote a lot of my time here to Internet Explorer fixes. Seems weird as I truly despite it… but you have to meet your demons head on.

As a quick intro to this I’m going to introduce you to to x2 great Internet Explorer busing scripts created by a gent called Drew Diller (a man that has gained my utmost respect for the time he’s saved us). These are DD Roundies and the arguably even greater DD Belated PNG respectively and both are great versioning fixes for Internet Explorer 6.0 and upward.

DD Roundies offers code only rounded corners for Internet Explorer (all other browsers are covered by CSS) that I have found to render quicker than any similar rounding options out there such as JQuery Corner . It’s a bit buggy in IE8, but for a browser that seems even worse than it’s predecessors I’m not entirely surprised. It’s brother DD Belated PNG is appropriately tagged “Medicine for your IE6/PNG headache” and it truly does offer just that. Whilst the oldies out there may be asking why bother with PNGs anyhow I tell you; because they are great and I use them extensively in my web content. PNGs offer high quality with excellent transparency goodness for layering above other content or creating shadows and up until DD Belated PNG this was lost with a horrible grey background. As per both scripts you just plug them into your header, reference the id or class that you want to render and bobs your uncle.

I’m not going to go into the the implementation myself as Drew covers this perfectly on his own site:-

DD Roundies:
DD Belated PNG:

Both are recommended…

More to come on Internet Explorer.

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