Backup Buddy WordPress Web Designer Toolkit Xmas Discount

Backup Buddy is undoubtedly the best WordPress plugin out there for backing up your WordPress site. We use this plugin extensively on our sites to ensure that there is always a complete and fully functioning backup of client and personal sites. Backup buddy also works on WordPress Multisite installs and is also particuylalry useful for WordPress developers, such as ourselves, who often build sites on a development servr and then migrate them to live servers – Backup buddy does this with ease.

Backup Buddy is created by iThemes and they also create a number of other useful Plugins such as DisplayBuddy (actually a bundle of useful layout and design plugins) and LoppBuddy (for controlling your WordPress Loop). They also offer WordPress themes, although we prefer to create our own client themes on leading WordPress Frameworks such as PageLines and Headway Themes.

iThemes are currently offering a great Xmas Deal

This includes:-

– Three Packages in One Bundle: – iThemes All Access Theme Pass
– PluginBuddy Developer Suite
– Annual Membership
– 1 Year Membership to all 3 packages, including Access to Updates, Support & Access
– Full Details of Each Package can be found on their corresponding sales pages

Normally $825 only $412.50 until Dec 21!

Get 50% off the Toolkit through December 21st with iThemes coupon code ‘CHRISTMAS2012′
Visit for the offer
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