Flic Coupon Code 20% Off flic black friday

Flic Coupon Code 20% Off

Flic is the affordable Wireless Bluetooth Smart Button. Control Philips Hue, LIFX (save $5 on LIFX with this link), Spotify, Sonos, IFTTT, iOS and Android and even your Volvo car, all with a simple push of a button and right now you can get 20% Off with the following Black Friday Coupon Code:-


Use the Flic app to easily choose what your Flic will do. Works up to 50m from your device and is powered by a replaceable coin battery.

flic app intro flic coupon  Flic Coupon Code 20% Off flic app intro

Push Triggers: Click, Double-click & Hold.

p.s This weekend Flic we will be offering the Flic 4 pack with a bonus Flic Single, Stay tuned for more details.


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