Antialiased Skewed Button with CSS

Heres some CSS we used recently for a client site that gives a nice Skewed Button and a cool 3D shadow effect with CSS. The code includes a fix for jagged edges on the button so it’s antialiased / nice and smooth.

.skew-button {
border: none;
color: white;
padding: 0.579em 1.105em 0.842em;
-1px -0px 0px #AED148,-0px -1px 0px #E3EBA7,
-2px -1px 0px #AED148,-1px -2px 0px #E3EBA7,
-3px -2px 0px #AED148,-2px -3px 0px #E3EBA7;
-ms-transform: skewX(-9deg);
-webkit-transform: skewX(-9eg);
transform: skewX(-9deg);
/* antialiasing */
outline: 1px solid transparent;
-webkit-backface-visibility: hidden;
-webkit-perspective: 1000;
will-change: transform;
.skew-button:hover {
background: grey;
-1px -0px 0px #727579,-0px -1px 0px #E6E8E8,
-2px -1px 0px #727579,-1px -2px 0px #E6E8E8,
-3px -2px 0px #727579,-2px -3px 0px #E6E8E8


Skewed Button with Cool Shadow CSS

Ultimately we completely rebranded the client so we thought we’d share this with you all.

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