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ACF Show all Fields in Group

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The ACF (Advanced Custom Fields Pro) Elliot is one of the best methods for quickly adding Custom Fields to your WordPress Posts / Custom Posts. A nice feature of the plugin is the intuitive method of grouping together fields in ‘Field Groups’. Oddly the ACF documentation doesn’t fully cover how to output all fields in a particular group. Here’s our approach:-

Output all Fields in ACF Field Group

// enter your Field ID in 123
$fields = acf_get_fields(123);

if( $fields )
foreach( $fields as $field )
$value = get_field( $field['name'] );

if(!empty($value)) {
echo '<dl>';
echo '<dt>' . $field['label'] . '</dt>';
echo '<dd>' .$value . '</dd>';
echo '</dl>';

The ACF field group is visible in the URL when you edit the Field Group >
i.e. /wp-admin/post.php?post=123&action=edit

Why not make this into a Shortcode?

For handy including into your WordPress front-end you can easily make the above into a WordPress shortcode by wrapping it with the following PHP in your Child Theme functions.php file:-

// ACF Group Shortcode 
function shortcode_acfgroup( $atts ){ 
// start 
// add the above php here 
// end 
add_shortcode( 'acfgroup', 'shortcode_acfgroup' );

To add in your ACF Group Fields simply then add the shortcode [acfgroup]

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