StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Package 25% Discount studiopress pro discount 881x533

StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Package 25% Discount

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Our friends at StudioPress have asked us to extend an offer for a massive 25% discount on their all-theme Pro Plus bundle to any new StudioPress customers. If you are new to StudioPress then, in a nutshell, they are leaders in combining expert knowledge in SEO, design, performance, security, support and WordPress to help you build reliable beautiful WordPress sites. …

Update Google Chrome update chrome 881x602

Update Google Chrome

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To get the most up to date version of Google Chrome do the following:- Open Chrome In the address bar enter ‘chrome://settings/help’ That’s it Chrome will now automatically check for updates. If an update is found, then it will install, and you will need to relaunch the Chrome Browser. If you want to use the Chrome menu to update Click …

Style HTML Table Columns

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Using CSS we can easily style table columns. This is useful in cases where you may want table columns with a different colour, padding, font size etc and an obvious use of this would be a pricing or comparison table. Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 text text text text text text text text The CSS uses the …

Ecwid Product Description Before Product Attributes

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Ecwid will automatically place the Product Attributes before the Product Description. That’s a bit weird as typically you would want to read a brief product description before digging deeper into additional information like Attributes (eg Brand, UPC). Within the Ecwid Dashboard there is currently no design setting to switch this layout so how can we fill the gap? Initially, we …

MOO Bi Annual Sale with 25% Discount moo bi annual sale

MOO Bi Annual Sale with 25% Discount

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The MOO semi-annual sale is here with 25% off Business Cards, Postcards, Stickers and more from now until 24th July. MOO Coupon Code Click Moo Discount Link and then… Use MOO Coupon code: ‘SAVE25’ for 25% off (enter the code at checkout where it says “Add promo code or Gift Card”. August 2018 Moo Discount: also save 15% off Luxe products …

Font Awesome 5 Icons not Showing? font awesome 5 icons not showing 1 862x454

Font Awesome 5 Icons not Showing?

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Here are steps to check if your Font Awesome 5 Icons are not showing (typically a blank bordered box) along with Font Awesome 5 implementations for Web Font CSS & SVG JS:- 1. Ensure you are correctly linking to Font Awesome 5 CDN within the ‘Head’ of your document Obvious right? Perhaps not… Free Web Fonts & CSS SVG & …

li show ul on Hover

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You don’t need Javascript / jQuery to show a hidden (display: none) child/nested ul on hover of the parent li, as this can be achieved with CSS alone:- This is a basic implementation and to ensure you target the right element you should use a CSS ID or Class like so:- This method is particularly useful for creating Menus with …

Gravity Forms CSS Flex Layouts gravity forms flex 862x454

Gravity Forms CSS Flex Layouts

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Simply add the following CSS to make your Gravity Forms Flex using CSS Flex Layouts (CSS Flexbox) This will give your Gravity forms a fluid and responsive layout that covers the Gravity Forms prebuilt CSS Classes half and third classes for fluid double and triple columns. See it working on our own site’s Contact Page If you don’t know Gravity …

Clean My PC 30% Discount May 2018 macpaw mothers day

Clean My PC 30% Discount May 2018

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MacPaw is offering a 30% discount for CleanMyPC to celebrate Mother’s Day in the US. The deal is already live and will expire on May 13th, 2018. We all well know that things may get too complicated when it comes to handling Windows updates and organizing your PC processes; so this is when CleanMyPC comes in handy. It helps to …

X Theme Responsive Breakpoints

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The default CSS media query breakpoints for X Theme with Cornerstone are: – Small: 480px Medium: 767px MediumLarge: 979px Large: 1200px To write these as media queries you would use:- So if you were writing this as a media query then you would use the following format:- X Theme also uses the following media non-default queries:- The X Theme Responsive …