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AddSearch Coupon Code & Information

If you are looking to easily add a Search to your website, or you are moving from Google Site Search (GSS), which is now phasing out/discontinued and completely shutting down in April 2018, then AddSearch is arguably the best all-around solution.  Previously Google Site Search was a simple way to add a relatively powerful Google Search directly on your site/blog. It was never an enterprise service, but nonetheless, it was Free & Easy, so in many regards, it’s a shame it’s going, but we now have to move on.AddSearch Coupon Code & Information google site search discontinued

After a lot of research, we are recommending ‘AddSearch‘ as the most viable alternative to Google Site Search and indeed the best all-around site search, with an affordable price point, and easy setup – and we have a unique Coupon Code for you. Yes, there are serious alternatives like the excellent SwiftType, which would be an easy sell if not for it’s prohibitively high pricing (Standard starts at $79 monthly, Pro $199 monthly, Enterprise $1,999 monthly), but AddSearch has both accessible features and pricing, so that’s why its a site search we use & recommend.

Easily Add a Site Search to your Site with AddSearch

With AddSearch you can get started with the “set and forget” site search solution in just 5 minutes by adding just a few lines of code to your site. No specialist knowledge or programming is necessary – just cut & paste – and for WordPress users there is also the Add Search WordPress Plugin. AddSearch will automatically index your site’s content and then make it available in the generic search field. A feature we particularly like is the snapshot previews of the site’s individual pages/posts and these will automatically pick up the page ‘titles’ as the title for the search item.

Benefits of AddSearch

The main benefits of AddSearch over other search solutions are:

  1. Lightning fast. With AddSearch you get results immediately after just one keypress. The results appear in a layer on top of the page, which you can scroll infinitely. It’s a dramatically better user experience than with any other solution.
  2. Easy installation. With AddSearch, anyone can implement an instant search for their website in minutes. Installing the WordPress plugin also takes minutes: you just copy one line of text, and you’re done.
  3. Mobile support. AddSearch’s UI adapts to any device, including desktops, tablets and phones. You don’t need to do anything for full mobile support, even if your site isn’t responsive or mobile.
  4. Results control. You get to decide which pages and areas are more important than others. You also get full statistics and can integrate your search analytics with Google Analytics.
  5. Statistics. AddSearch gives you comprehensive statistics on the usage of your search and is also integrated with Google Analytics.

AddSearch Pricing

Pricing for AddSearch is a very affordable, starting rate of $29 pm for ‘Small’and this will actually suit most websites, ‘Large is still an affordable $79 monthly and then pricing scales up to Enterprise at $299+ monthly. To be fair if you are going to be spending $299 monthly then perhaps you should consider your own custom developed site search, but if you are still looking for an easy and robust solution then AddSearch still definitely fits the bill.

Small Large Enterprise
Up to 1200 pages

Unlimited domains/subdomains

Unlimited search volume

Automatic recrawl

Friendly & quick email support


$299 yearly



Up to 50 000 pages

Unlimited domains/subdomains

Unlimited search volume

Automatic recrawl

Friendly & quick email support


$799 yearly


100k+ pages

Unlimited domains/subdomains

Unlimited search volume

Geographically distributed search index

Implementation consultation

Service level agreement

Priority support & more

Starting at $299/month

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