X Theme Responsive Breakpoints

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The default CSS media query breakpoints for X Theme with Cornerstone are: – Small: 480px Medium: 767px MediumLarge: 979px Large: 1200px To write these as media queries you would use:- So if you were writing this as a media query then you would use the following format:- X Theme also uses the following media non-default queries:- The X Theme Responsive …

WordPress Page Title not Displaying SEO wrong seo title

WordPress Page Title not Displaying SEO

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SEO Title not displaying properly If your website page title is not displaying as per your WordPress SEO then you probably have an issue with your Theme header.php setup. Largely this is down to bad WordPress website development which typically manifests in the page title being manually typed, rather than using the correct wp_title() format for WordPress and your SEO plugin (like …