Gather Missing Chrome Developer Tools

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If you find that your developer tools are open but off-screen, then easily get them back with the following keyboard Shortcut:- CTRL+SHIFT+D Hey-presto the Chrome Developer Tools reappear at the bottom of the Chrome Browser. Accessing DevTools Access DevTools On Windows On Mac Open Developer Tools F12, Ctrl + Shift + I Cmd + Opt + I Open / switch from inspect element mode and browser window Ctrl + Shift + C Cmd + Shift + C …

Webflow Responsive Breakpoints

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These are the standard Webflow Responsive Breakpoints:- With some digging it is possible to change the Responsive Breakpoints for the Webflow Menu by editing this CSS. Say for example that we want the main menu to display after 767px and not 991px (standard). We simply reverse edit the 991px declaration:- That’s very rudimentary and a more responsive menu in Webflow …

Get Todoist Premium FREE for 1 Month todoist premium 862x535

Get Todoist Premium FREE for 1 Month

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Todoist is our favourite all round Cross-Browser To Do App for 2017 and unlike many other To Do Apps you can use an assortment of useful tools included in the non-premium version for Free. Of course, if you had the option to upgrade for nothing then you would take that too right? We’re not sure how long this will last, but …