UX Web Tiles for Flow Diagrams and Sitemaps

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Ever have clients that just want everything done yesterday? They don’t want technical wireframes and mockups, etc. Those take too long. But they do want to see a functional outline of the project. That’s when a collection of professional Web Tiles comes in real handy! This ‘Mighty Deal’ features dozens of unique Web Tiles from Firetuts, that can easily be …

Creative Edge Design Bundle Offer

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Creative Edge Design Bundle (worth $1,000) – only $49! Here is the latest great offer from our friends at Mighty Deals… We’re not just talking about a whole bunch of icons and vector illustrations (though you will get those!). Uh uh. We’re talking a Mega Bundle made up of 24 already-awesome collections! It’s more than 2GB of Web Designer awesomeness in …

Change Placeholder Text jQuery and CSS styling

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A quick snippet to change the placeholder text of an input field:- You can also achieve placeholder custom style with CSS on supported browsers Pagelines Users If you are using Pagelines DMS then you can also use the following hook in your themes functions.php file to customise the search and change the placeholder text:-      

Script not working in WordPress fix

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If you have tested a script which works fine within a standard html development file, but for some reason it isn’t working in WordPress then you probably have a compatibility error. Actually the fix is pretty easy… simply wrap / start you code with a jQuery noConflict Wrapper We prefer this approach over adding ‘jQuery’ in the place of every …