Customise Gravity Forms Button and Add Fontawesome

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Add the following snippit to your functions.php file to customise the look of a Gravity Forms Button:- In our example we are incorporating a Fontawesome Icon to prettify our button (which is set by your particular Button ID). If you have not already included the font awesome CSS then add the following to your theme’s header.php file if you aren’t …

ThumbNailer Section the easy way to add Post Thumbnails to DMS

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Today I’m making my latest DMS 2 Section ‘ThumbNailer’ (ver 1.0) available for use on your Pagelines DMS Drag & Drop WordPress web sites.  DMS is great, but I’ve always found it weird that adding something as simple as a Post Thumbnail (Featured Image) to a post or page is not directly supported – so I quickly created this a section …

Mac External Monitor Ripple

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We recently experienced a very odd ripple on our Mac Mini External Displays (both Dell Models) when you dragged windows across the screen(s) and wanted to share with you possible solutions. First off check for possible causes of interference. Is there a power drain on your Mac, with say USB ports, or is something incorrectly set up? If you have …

Important Server Upgrade Announcement / Apache Upgrade / EOL (End Of Life) PHP version (PHP 5.2.x)

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Following a recent announcement by cPanel concerning a potential Apache vulnerabilities we are now upgrading our servers. Whilst the vast majority of our clients will only see performance enhancements there is a possibility that some clients running older PHP scripts on their site(s) may be affected.    ============================ Suject: EasyApache 3.24.14 Released: ======= Contents: ======= SUMMARYcPanel, Inc. has released EasyApache 3.24.14 with …

Show ACF Custom Field Outside Loop

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This is how to display an Advanced Custom Field (ACF) outside of the WordPress Loop:- Or to extend the code to only show if the field is present:- In our tests we have found that ‘the_field’ and ‘get_field’ are interchangeable methods – the main thing is to ensure that you add ‘$post->ID’.

Gravity Forms Change Default Field Value

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To change the ‘default’ value for a Gravity form field – for example the Gravity Forms Name Filed that currently has not default values then simply add the following code to your functions.php file:- In my example I am changing the First Name field value for the assigned ‘First’ – a dynamic field that I have called ‘callback_firstname’. To allow …