Best Plugins to stop spam on WordPress web site

Spam is a real nuisance in all forms and it’s an unfortunate fact that WordPress is not excluded from Spam attacks and ‘Splogging’. We run some pretty large sires and stopping Spam has been a regular preocupation. The following WordPress plugins are in our opinion the most effective at reducing spam on your site:- WP-Ban – Free Plugin This is …

Hide menu item in Wordpres Nav if logged in

Something we’ve come across lots of times in WordPress is how to hide a specific menu item in WordPress menus if the user is logged-in, or indeed logged out. A common application for this would be if you have a registration page which you obviously don’t want to continue to show if the user has already registered (they are logged …

jQuery Replace Specific Text

Sometimes you may want to replace the text in a specific div or element with something else. For example you are using an off the shelf script and don’t want to edit the core files, but it doesn’t meet your specific needs or brand. The following is a very simple jQuery snippet that replaces specific text with something else:-  

jQuery remove empty p tags

In content management systems like WordPress we often find that the system auto-generates <p></p> tags. That’s a real annoyance as it adds empty space amongst layouts. Here’s a simple jQuery snippet we often use to remove this:- In our example we are targeting “.entry-content’, but this can be applied to any div. Let us know how you get on.

Best WordPress E-Commerce Plugins

If you are looking for the best E-Commerce plugins for WordPress out there then you are in the right place as we have tried and tested the key movers and shakers. What we aim to give you are the bare facts and then you can decide for yourself which one fits your specific needs. Jigoshop Review Free, with further free/paid plugins …

Get Licensed Testimonial

Glenn, I just wanted to thank you for transforming Get Licensed website. I just love the elements! Shahzad Ali

What is Facebook really worth?

I’ve been following the Facebook flotation with much interest ~ or should I say bemusement. Facebook’s flotation price per share was a whopping $38 and my initial reaction at the time was “really, can a company like Facebook really be worth that much?’. Sice flotation Facebook shares have ‘slumped’, but I tend to see this as them levelling out to …