Take E-commerce orders by Xmas and don’t pay processing fees with Sagepay

To help you enjoy even greater returns over the festive period we’ve secured a fantastic offer giving you / your business 3 months free payment processing via the excellent Sage Pay Payment Gateway. Also benefit from 2 months free rental of their Card machines. Take advantage of this offer now and:- you won’t pay a penny on payment Gateway fees …

jQuery Hide until Page Loads

Recently we were using the great EU Cookie Compliance plugin Cookie Control on a client site (also seen on this site bottom left of page), but found that within the custom WordPress Theme that the Cookie Compliance scripts and CSS were loading with a flash of the unformatted and unhidden content. That looked rather ugly so we decided to implement …

jQuery change Rel of element

A quick snippet on how to change/add a new Rel to an element. This could be useful in instances where you wish to add say a prettyPhoto del ‘prettyPhoto’ to a set of links that have been generated by a 3rd party script.

jQuery Apply to all but First

A quick snippit for you to apply jQuery selection to all but first element:- As per our example this is useful in unordered / ordered lists and therefor menus etc. We are prepending a span with x2 spaces to every li except the first.

TinyMCE Blank WordPress

We recently had an issue whereby the TinyMCE HTML editor was appearing blank. Here are a couple of things that may solve a similar problem for others:- 1. Reinstall WordPress via WordPress Dashboard ‘Updates’ – click on ‘Re-install Now’ button 2. Search for a rogue .htaccess file in wp-includes folder and delete it 3.  Add the following to your wp-config.php …