Adding jQuery to WordPress

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First off WordPress comes loaded with a selection of scripts and these can be found in the wp-includes/js/ directory. WordPress already uses jQuery in the admin area and so it’s already native and can be called easily by the following line of code in your header.php file in the <head> section: <?php wp_enqueue_script(“jquery”); ?> <?php wp_head(); ?> Now you may …

Jquery Workshop – Loading a list in order

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A quick one for those of you wondering how to sequentially load a list in order with jQuery with animation. First off you’re going to need to include the wonderful jQuery framework between the <head></head> tags of your document and you can download it from here:- Get jQuery OR you can simply hotlink the latest vesion back to the jquery …

Contented Brands

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Glenn was brilliant in helping us to design not only an easy to navigate, stylish website but also guiding us through the process of designing our company logo and all that this entailed. He was creative, collaborative and most of all very patient with us, I would highly recommend him.

Louise Marie

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Glenn has acheived an amazing new look for my website that reflects the nature of my business wonderfully. I am looking forward to working with Glenn in the future, he has been patient and professional throughout. Many Thanks

Prototype vs jQuery

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When deciding on a direction for delivery good web design one thing the developer often has to consider is which framework will deliver the results and also stand the test of time. For Slick Media this was much like whether to go Open Source with the PHP/MySQL model or ASP/MSSQL model. We chose wisely and went with PHP/MySQL and we …

Banishing those Internet Explorer Demons

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Our friends at W3 Counter ( tell us that Internet Explorer still commands a 44.4% web browser market share and I can’t help asking myself time and time again how that could possibly be. However you try to look at it Internet Explorer continues to be a terrible browser, that is the bane of the developer and user alike. Indeed …