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Nomad Media

“Nomad is an independent production house, dedicated to producing the highest quality production content” and they have just undergone a major rebrand by ‘Branding by Garden‘ (their site recently built by Slick Media). As part of our continued collaboration with Branding by Garden we were pivitably involved in the development and build of the new Nomad Media web site.

As always we like to push the boundaries of WordPress and coding and the site boasts a unique and highly configurable template and is loaded with jQuery goodness. The client is able to manage all aspects of layout, colour and content via a fully fledged Content Management System and an advanced custom Options panel.

Notable on this site is the unique home page Gallery, full sized Background Images and also the amazing responsive layouts on ‘the Den‘.

We are now working hard on the Nomad ‘Channels’ which are coming your way very soon.


  • WordPress, Extended
  • CMS
  • Html 5
  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • Javascript
  • SEO
  • Php/MySQL


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A highly experienced WordPress Web Developer & New Media Specialist with extensive knowledge of a wide spectrum of technologies in the Development and Creative Industries built up over a number of years.

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